Kick off began for Republica's womens team during the 1in12 May Day tournament in 1998, when to the amazement of many men, Bradford University women’s team participated! Despite the professed solidarity with the feminist cause - Republica men queried “What shall we do, should we tackle them, what if they we hurt them?"

 As Republica progressed to the final, three Republica women had not ended their epiphany of also playing football, and asked the Republica Captain if they could play in the final too. Without mentioning the women, he asked the team whether they wanted to play to win or not take things too seriously. The team said they wanted to play to win, so he decided to continue with the established mens team, and promptly told the women they could not play... They were livid. 

 Soon after the women successfully argued that they beat most of the men on every aspect fo the selection criteria, they had just as much right to represent Republica as anyone else did! Soon after, a very small group began training with the men, and as beginners demonstrated their resilience for a year; Those few women were pioneers whose determination kept the possibility of women’s football in sight. A feminist revolution was quietly underway in Republica. 

 After a period of rapid expansion on all fronts for Republica Internationale, a Republica women's team was formed! Ready for competitive football in 2002, Republica Women became one of the early members of the West Riding League! Over a decade later, competing within the First Division of the West Riding League, and promoting left wing ideologies on the pitch every Sunday - our women in red are forever growing!